Techspray specializes in cleaners, coatings, and other chemicals and tools that improve efficiency, safety, and performance.


Techspray offers quality products that have been proven to withstand harsh, lead-free soldering conditions and will enhance productivity. Techspray precision cleaners are RoHS Compliant. Flux removers (defluxers) remove the residues left by manufacture, rework or repairs of printed circuit boards.


Prevent soldering protected areas by applying WonderMask. WonderMask is designed to apply smoothly, dry quickly, withstand high lead-free process temperatures and be removed easily.

RoHs Compliant Precision Cleaners, Flux Removers (Defluxers) – Techspray

If you are looking for Techspray RoHS compliant precision cleaners and flux removers (defluxers), contact our experienced sales team to make sure you are set for your next manufacture, rework, or repair of printed circuit boards.