MicroCare is a leader in the high-speed, high-performance world of cleaning, coating and lubricating.  MicroCare offers cleaners and lubricants to make sure your processes are efficient and safe.  All MicroCare products are made in the Untied States.  These products improve the quality of work in electronics, transportation, photonics, medical devices and aerospace industries.  MicroCare has made extraordinary efforts to protect the ozone layer, reduce VOC emissions and minimize global warming.


PowerClean is the world's strongest ozone-safe solvent.  It is formulated to rinse away lead-free residues, oils, inks and some conformal coatings without causing white residues.

TidyPen is another great cleaning tool from MicroCare.  It uses a natural citrus solvent made from oranges that is convenient to take anywhere.  Great for removing marking tags, paper labels, stickers, EPROM labels, bar codes and Kapton residues