For over 25 years, Electro-Wise HSV has been suppling the electronics industry with superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the manufacture of electronic circuit boards and cable assemblies. Our expertise lies in the technical sales and distribution of:

* ESD Control Products * Solder, Fluxes and Production Chemicals * Solder Stations, Tips and Accessories * Workbenches, Seating, and Material Handling Products * Production Tools and Equipment * Lead-Free Solutions

Electro-Wise provides a wide range of static shielding and barrier packaging products to protect sensitive electronic components from static charges during transit and while in storage. To meet your specific needs, Electro-Wise provides shielding bags, cushioned bags and wrap, moisture barrier bags and more in a variety of sizes and material composition.

Electro-Wise is also a leading global supplier of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry. Our product line includes solder paste, liquid flux, bar, wire, pre-forms, adhesives, cleaners, chemicals, plating anodes and indium and gold alloys. We also offer a wide variety of lead-free solder alloys.

Electro-Wise Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Workstation Solutions provide a safe environment for the handling and assembly of sensitive components. These products drain static charge from personnel, limit the buildup of static charges on non-conductive materials on the bench-top, and monitor the system to ensure that it is operating properly.

Electro-Wise has the lead-free products and process knowledge required to help your company in the transition to lead-free soldering in the most logical and economical ways possible. Electro-Wise has lead-free no clean, water soluble and rosin solder pastes, lead-free bar solders and compatible fluxes, and lead-free cored wire, solid wire, performs and spheres.

Today, there is a whole new breed of Manufacturing Products—those using the most advanced designs and materials available for applications seeking the greatest performance edge. Let our experts at Electro-Wise help you select the perfect Manufacturing Solution for your next design challenge.

Electrowise HSV is located at 113 Jetplex Circle Suite B3, Madison, Alabama 35758

Carrie Naumann

 *ElectroWise is a Woman Owned Small Business*

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