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We carry a number of 3M ESD control products that include but are not limited to ESD and static control mats and static and EMI shielding bags. These products are essential when dealing with many product sensitivities. Static and EMI shielding bags are used for many electronics applications such as packaging computer parts to ship to end users. ESD and static control mats are used for protection in the manufacturing of sensitive electronics.

3M Metal-out static shielding bags are approved by major electronics manufacturers for use worldwide. Our bags provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices.

3M Static Control & ESD Mats, Static & EMI Shielding Bags

The bag also provides low charge retention and rapid static decay.

Whether manufacturing or storing and shipping sensitive electronic components, we are sure to have a 3M ESD or static control product that works for you. Contact our expert technical sales team today!